Our Soil Farm

Beginning in 2008, we scoured the Province with our scientists to find the ideal environment and land base upon which to establish our Certified Organic Farm and Class A Compost Facility. We needed a semi-arid eco-system (composting is extremely difficult in wet coastal environments) and adequately sized land base (both to provide separation from our neighbours and to allow us to expand to adequate scale.

Our 10 acre Class A Compost Facility and Soil Farm is the result of an intensive, multi-year consultation design, approval and construction process. Our facility exceeds all regulatory requirements and its operations surpass industry best pratices. Simply put, it is the best composting facility of its kind anywhere in North America. It is designed, owned and operated by Revolution with a spotless environmental record more than 20 years in the making.

The windrow composting method we employ has been in use as long as farming itself. It is perfectly suited to the semi-arid environment of the Revolution Ranch and surrounding area. All other composting methods – including “in-vessel” and “static aerated pile” systems – are in some was sub-optimal attempts to compost in less than ideal weather conditions and densely populated areas.

There are five critical components to creating a World-class composting facility: Siting, Design, Environmental Protection, Construction and Operations and Controls. In a age of increasing liability and extended producer responsibility, it is important to assure that your composting partner is able to deliver a safe and secure process, assure their ling term viability and be able to adapt to an evolving regulatory environment. Revolution is well positioned to provide those very assurances to you.